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Enhance your layout: make it come alive with an operating E-Z Engine turntable!

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Scenery Unlimited S scale turntable

These E-Z Engine turntables are custom-built for your S layout, with your choice of 12” to 35” diameters, and a variable-speed 12-volt Dayton DC geared motor. The finely finished turntable, with pit (available in depths from 1-½” to 2-¼” in 1/4” increments), takes 2-4 weeks to ship once your order is received.

  • Turntable works with scale or hi-rail S equipment
  • Pit sidewalls are lined with sturdy 1/8” thick aluminum
  • Pit rails feature quality American Models track
  • Brass bridge electrical pickup shoe is spring-loaded
  • Heavy duty aluminum channel frame and bridge top plate feature 1/8” thick wall
  • Any DC transformer (not included) powers motor to rotate bridge both clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Ready to install in a square hole on your layout
  • Great price for this quality product

Modeler required to build top bridge section over supplied arm, install track of choice and attach two wires (included) to each bridge rail.

When the turntable is sent to you, it will come to you as a square which you then set into a space you have prepared in your benchwork/table. To know how much room to leave, add 4" to the turntable arm you are ordering; thus, if you order a 26"-long turntable bridge arm, the outside dimensions of the square will be 30", etc.

Get our Turntable with Stepper Motor installed, which is a brushless synchronous electric motor that can divide the turntable’s rotation into a large number of steps, thus more precisely controlling the turntable bridge.

Please call (708) 366-7763 to order your custom-built E-Z Engine Turntable or with questions.


Scenery Unlimited turntable

12-inch diameter to 36-inch diameter pit with reversing DC motor to rotate bridge:*** $545.00
12-inch diameter to 36-inch diameter pit with Dallee INDEXING system*** $225.95 (in addition to the above price)

Painted floor simulated concrete ring - floor “aged concrete” color - screw holes filled/sanded: $35.00
Simulated concrete ring/base wall - (painted concrete gray): $47.00
Replacement Bowser turntable drive kit: $335.00

*** Pit diameter - one-inch increments and pit depth is one inch to 2-1/2 inches - 1/4 inch increments
**** AC and DCS require PSX-AR-AC circuit board - DCC requires PSX-AR circuit board

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