Arsenault S scale layout


Shinohara track and turnouts

S scale code 100 and Sn3 code 70 nickel silver flexible track is from the greatest name in track products, Shinohara! Scenery Unlimited was the first to bring you code 100 turnouts and code 70 turnouts, and now we offer beautiful flextrack in 39" long sections, featuring realistic wood grain ties.Our flextrack is flexible! You can bend and twist it as many times as you want before you bond it to the roadbed, and it will easily conform to your curves or straight areas without kinking!

Our track:

  • is of the highest quality
  • is easy to use
  • is affordable
  • features realistic tie spacing
  • makes your layout look like the prototype
  • bends effortlessly to any radius


track Sn3 track

S standard, code 100, nickel silver (NS)
six 39-in. lengths (234 in. or about 19-1/2 ft.) - $48.95

Sn3, code 70, nickel silver (NS)
six 39-in. lengths - $49.95

Standard S #6 turnout Standard S #8 turnout Sn3 turnout

S scale code 100 #6 - $29.95


S scale code 100 #8 - $34.95


Sn3 code 70 #6 - $29.95



Cork roadbed

S scale cork roadbed
Do you want smooth-operating trains that run on flat, quiet roadbed? Scenery Unlimited's RAILBED is dark-colored 3-foot sectional roadbed that can be used with any major brand of S scale track. The beveled roadbed is 2" wide at top, 2-ΒΌ" wide at base by 3/16" deep and 3' long. This fine roadbed is $48.95 a case
(25 pair, each 3' long, or a total of 75' per box).

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