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Arizona Brewing Company reefer!

Exclusively from Scenery Unlimited!

Apache Reefer from Scenery Unlimited

The Arizona Brewing Company was founded in 1933 by two brothers, Martin and Herman Fenster. From humble beginnings of only 15,000 barrels per year, the Arizona Brewing Company grew to produce more than 250,000 barrels annually. In June of 1934 Apache Beer was #1.

These great S cars feature:

  • Two numbers: 2440 and 2442
  • Brilliant color with Chief logo
  • Ready to run - add $7.30 for two pair of Kadee couplers
  • ABS plastic cars with steel wheels
  • Individual metal ladder rungs and sill steps

This reefer comes in two numbers: 2440 and 2442, ready to run and brilliantly colored with Chief logo. Price: $59.95 with hi-rail wheels and couplers; $79.95 with scale wheels and couplers to be installed by purchaser.

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Exclusive S-Helper Box Car!
Re-introducing these ready-to-run 40-ft. dark blue, red and white Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway box cars in S scale and hi-rail!

MNS Box Car

Wow! What a striking car! Whether you model this road or not, this MNS box car will make a dramatic hit on your S layout, sitting in a freight yard or rolling on the main line.

The MNS, with offices in Minneapolis, ran 45 miles from Minneapolis to Northfield, Minnesota, and also operated over three small branches; its 115-mile-long sister railroad, the Minnesota Western Railway, was owned by the same railroad company, with G.C. Wright as president. Incorporated in 1907, it started as an electric traction company, known as the “Dan Patch Electric Line,” but had no trolley wires. It was the first railroad in the world to operate with internal-combustion power. Its trackage helped move freight between other railroads, by-passing the congestion of Minneapolis. A very interesting railroad!

This highly-detailed 40-foot box car with sliding doors features a complete underbody brake system, ladders, grabirons, brakewheel and stand, roofwalks, crisp lettering, trucks and couplers. Scale wheels are included in the box as well.
Very limited supply—we can offer two numbers of this car (#1200 and #1201)—if you hurry!
Price: $42.95 each.

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