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S Scale Pile of Junk

A pile of junk from Scenery Unlimited

Railroad yards, working factories and abandoned industries have a lot of “junk” piled around on the property. “It might come in handy someday,” says the supervisor, so it gets piled “out back.” Now, you can be the supervisor and create your own junk pile, consisting of barrels, freight car end sills, truck sideframes, train wheelsets, smaller wheels and pulleys, gears, couplers, roof vents, car steps, ladders, smokestacks and more!

This large 6¾” long by 5” wide S scale junk pile is pre-colored tuscan red resin, sits on a pile of “dirt,” and is ready for installation on your layout. All you have to do is dab on some paint to make it more realistic—you can even add your own materials to the pile!

Pile of junk - $26.95 each (figures not included)

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