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S Scale Circus Set
A colorful limited-edition set you will want for your layout!

Not since 1950 has S gauge seen a circus train, when Gilbert American Flyer introduced the #5002T with an engine, two flat cars and an advertising coach. But now, 56 years later, you'll be able to own the new Scenery Unlimited Circus Train Set #1000 for operating, displaying or giving as the perfect gift!

Have hours of fun running this beauty around your tracks or exhibiting on a siding for all to see. Take it to your club layout and watch al the eyes follow it around as it lends a festive air to any meeting or show.

Circus stock car Circus box car
orange flat car with pups dozer Flat car

The Scenery Unlimited circus set features:

  • One 40-foot steel Advertising Box Car #101 with sliding doors, tiger head and circus logo. AB brake system detail, wood-grained running boards. Comes hi-rail or scale-wheel equipped.
  • One 40-foot wood Live Animal Car #104 with sliding doors and side nameplate featuring “Great American Circus”; AB brake system, wood grain on running boards and side slats.
  • Two General Steel Casting 53’ 6” Wagon Flat Cars #102 and #112, each painted different colors, one with two colorful, diecast pup trailers with hitches, (also painted two different colors), and one flat with a resin 1:64 scale crawler and a diecast pup trailer with a circus theme, three pup trailers with hitches in all.
  • Circus Train Set explanation sheet, set box and our best wishes for a cavalcade of fun!

S scale circus set #1000 - $299.95

Certain cars also available for individual sale.

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Or purchase these colorful ready-to-run, limited edition circus cars individually:

Circus stock car

Circus box car

Orange flat car

White pup trailer Dozer

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