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Hidden Treasure Mine

Our Hidden Treasure Mine No. 2 is right out of the Old West and the numerous mining districts that used to dot the mountain towns in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, Nevada, Yukon territory and elsewhere.

This accurate S scale board-and-batten model has been designed and styled to fit your layout, offering an optional loading house kit, depending on how you want to locate and use the mine. With a tall peak center section, sloping roofs, 12-pane windows, a boiler house, exhaust stack and a banded water tank, this mine will become the centerpiece of your mining district—or your entire layout.

The Hidden Treasure Mine No. 2 kit includes the mine structure and rear boiler house and consists of laser-cut plywood walls with etched board lines, peel-and-stick battens, and plywood roofs with corrugated paper roofing. Windows are laser-cut, easy to assemble peel-and-stick Laserboard, a smooth card material similar to plywood, and pre-cut glazing.

The Hidden Treasure Mine can be combined with the Mine Loading House kit to form a complete complex. The Mine Loading House kit also includes laser-cut, easy-to-assemble basswood trestle bents and a pre-cut retaining wall. Footprint for the Hidden Treasure Mine is 9-½" wide x 6-¼" deep x 9-¼" high including the boiler house. Footprint of the Mine Loading House is 3" wide x 5" deep x 6-¼" high including the trestle bents. With both kits combined, the footprint is 9-½" wide x 11-¼" deep x 12" high.

Place it on level ground or on a slope as you prefer, add some junk around the base, some narrow gauge tracks running out the back for a dump pit, some S scale miners around, and you’ve got a pretty neat scene. If the mine isn’t “working” anymore, you can use it as an abandoned structure, as well.

In any event, have fun with this new S scale laser-cut kit, designed for both S and Sn3. We hope you strike silver—or gold— with it!

#200 Mine kit - $129.95
#201 Mine Loading House kit with supporting timbers and wood retaining wall - $46.95
#202 Mine and Loading House kit combo - $159.95

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