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Great S scale models from Scenery Unlimited!
Check out this fantastic selection of S products for your layout!

Hidden Treasure Mine
Hidden Treasure Mine

Hogan's Hardware
Hogan's Hardware

Miracle Chair Co.
"If it's a good chair, it's a Miracle!"

The Miracle Chair Company...exclusively from Scenery Unlimited!
For the first time ever in S scale, a laser-cut
three-story factory kit.

Scenery Unlimited passenger cars

Scenery Unlimited passenger cars combine

S Scale Pullman Passenger Cars



Three Forks Mfg. from Scenery Unlimited

Three Forks Manufacturing


S scale turntable

Scale Turntable

SU  passenger depot front
Wood Depot Kit

Scenery Unlimited factory kit
Factory Kit


Auto Salvage Yard

Auto Salvage Yard

S scale resin detail parts

S Scale Resin Details

Mt. BlueFarmhouse

New England Structure Kits

Scenery Unlimited's S gauge circus set

Circus set
Scenery Unlimited Circus Box Car spacerScenery Unlimited Circus Live Animal Car
Individual Circus Cars

S scale telltales


Clyde Puffer

S Scale Boats

Scenery Unlimited junk pile

S Scale Pile of Junk

radio tower


S Scale Transmission Tower

S scale track

S Scale Shinohara Flextrack
and Cork Roadbed

Rail Joiners

Don's vehicles

S Scale Vehicles

Chevrolet Bel Airx

M2M and Greenlight Vehicles

Industrial scrap, tires etc.

Industrial Scrap Metal, Tires, etc.

S scale phone booth
Telephone Booth Kit

SU steel drumSU barrelxxjunk

S Scale Drums, Barrels,
Workbench, Junk


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If you don't see it on our website, you'll find it in our Scenery Unlimited catalog: your complete source for everything in S scale!

Our completely updated S/Sn3 Scale Model Railroad Catalog & Reference Manual brings together a large majority of the products available today in S! It’s a convenient, handy guide to the many new S products being made by S manufacturers just for you!

You’ll find thousands of new S and Sn3 products await you in one handy source from our 228-page 8-½ x 11" color-cover catalog and reference manual.
Scenery Unlimited, the leader in S and Sn3 products, brings you the newest, most up-to-date products available from more than 150 different manufacturers and suppliers. Our catalog and reference manual is your #1 single source for product ideas, product purchasing and referencing for S scale. 

This new catalog is exactly what you need whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. It lists thousands of scale, hi-rail and Sn3 products, as well as established products that you’ve come to rely upon. This huge catalog is fully illustrated with numerous photos so you can see many of the products that you want.

  • If you’re looking for steam or diesel locomotives, brass, freight or passenger cars, structures, track and turnouts, trucks/couplers/wheelsets, detail parts, scenery, signals, turntables, tools, road vehicles, figures, power supplies, train repairs, lighting devices, decals/dry transfers, books/magazines or reference material, our new catalog is made just for you!
  • Order direct from us, and we’ll take the hassle out of spreading your orders around to numerous individual companies. We do our best to provide you with information and updated pricing on products from many firms!
  • Besides other manufacturer lines, this big catalog contains Scenery Unlimited’s line of ready-to-run freight cars, circus sets, resin structures, boats and barges, S scale passenger cars, construction machinery, kits, details, accessories, vehicles, brass locomotive castings, freight and passenger trucks, bridges, towers, the famous Shinohara line of S and Sn3 model trackage and turnouts, turntables, Railbed roadbed, S figures, animals and books. We’re also one of the largest American Flyer dealers and a train repair station! 

Order your own copy of our BIG 228-page illustrated S/Sn3 Scale Catalog & Reference Manual by today! It’s only $17.95 (USA), $26.95 (Canada), or $35.95 (foreign airmail), postpaid.

You can order our new 228-page Scenery Unlimited catalog by MAIL,

(from 9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. CST)

708-366-1973 (24 hours a day)



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