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About Scenery Unlimited
Scenery Unlimited began in 1973. We lived in a small apartment just north of Chicago’s Loop, and I had started the S Gaugian just 11 years earlier in November of 1962. I had noticed that it was very difficult to find S scale products. Hobby stores didn’t stock them; in fact, it was becoming increasingly hard to find any kind of S scale anywhere, except for the fairly common (at that time) American Flyer trains that had been produced starting in 1946. The A.C. Gilbert Company was out of business by 1967 (their last catalog was issued in 1966), and S gauge didn’t appear to have much of a future.

Our S gauge national conventions back then were mainly small gatherings for fellowship. New wood kits and small injection-molded products were the highlights of the shows, and even then most modelers were converting AF trains to scale and re-hashing AF products with re-painting and re-working.

Trying to order from one of our few S manufacturers was fun, but was a chore, as products might or might not be available. Many items were out of stock or re-run only after enough orders came in to justify another production run. There was little coordination between manufacturers and little marketing.

I wanted to bring some continuity to ordering S products, and began stocking and making a few items in S; the first was a flagstop station and we sold 100 kits. Now 34 years later, our catalog has become the product “bible” of S. It offers more 1:64 scale products for the modeler/builder/scratchbuilder/operator/tinkerer/hi-railer/scaler than anyone. It brings together a growing selection of manufactured products that make your modeling easier and more fun.It features newer and better products than were ever available in 1973. It is the easiest way to order in S; by purchasing from our huge catalog, you save time and money. You don’t have to order from 15 different companies to get what you want.

Some S products sell very fast, and as a result may be sold out when you’re ready to order, so in some ways you still need to purchase products when they’re first announced. By the same token, there are many items that come into the hobby stream that are not in this catalog because they were announced after this catalog was printed.Nevertheless, count on Scenery Unlimited to be your main source for S products. This is a full-time business, and we have dedicated employees who will try to answer your S questions and help you. Thanks for your continued support. We hope to bring you more of the “Best of S!”


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