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Arsenault circus train


50' Ribbed Steel Box Cars from American Models

$39.95 each (except where noted); with sound, $142.95

Amtrak ribbed box car

Amtrak ($41.95)



CSX ribbed box car


D&RGW ribbed box car

Denver & Rio Grande

Maine Central ribbed box car

Maine Central

Miller High Life beer ribbed box car

Miller HIgh Life

Norfolk Southern ribbed box car

Norfolk Southern


New York Central ribbed box car

New York Central


Railbox ribbed box car


Rock Island white ribbed box car

Rock Island (white)

Rock Island blue box car

Rock Island (blue)

Soo Line ribbed box car

Soo Line

Union Pacific ribbed box car

Union Pacific ($41.95)



Our model is the American Car and Foundry ACF type, still found in all parts of the country in large numbers today. Some have "plug doors" (insulated cars) and others sliding doors (non-insulated). Manufactured in the 1970's.

Our two-speaker sound unit is now available in our 50' rib sided box car. Features a step up power diesel sound, as well as idle or slow speed, realistic horn and bell for $142.95.