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GG-1 diesel locomotives

AC: $279.95
DC: $259.95

Please call (708) 366-1973 to check availability and to order.

Pennsy Congressional GG-1
Pennsy "Congressional" silver

Pennsy GG-1 Brunswick greenPennsylvania Brunswick green

Pennsy GG1 Tuscan one stripe

Pennsylvania Tuscan red one stripe

Pennsy GG-1 Tuscan five-stripe

Pennsylvania Tuscan red five stripe


One of the most famous locomotives built, in service for 50 years. Pulling immense power from overhead lines, Pennsylvania's GG-1's were used in freight as well as passenger service. Being able to deliver almost 5,000 continuous hp at 100 mph speeds were the choice whenever they were available for use. The last run was in 1983 and 13 units are on display around the country. 138 GG-1's were produced by Baldwin Locomotive Works in cooperation with General Electric.

The GG-1 includes full scale reproduction with intricate details, a powerful motor and flywheel drive system as well as heavy diecast frame. GG-1 comes with steel drive wheels with intricate "spring" details and all 12 wheels are powered. This locomotive has operating couplers and is completely AF compatible with capability of negotiating tight AF radius curves. Other features include: Operating metal pantographs; three position electronic reverse unit (AC units). All units are shipped completely assembled and ready to run.