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AC Hi-rail
AA Dual Set: $449.95
Single Unit: $249.95

AA Dual Set: $399.95
Single Unit: $219.95

Chicago & NorthWestern EMD SD-60

Chicago & NorthWestern low nose


Please call us at (708) 366-1973 to order your EMD SD-60 locomotive and to obtain information on availability, loco numbers and DC or AC power.

After the successful SD-40 and SD-40-2 locomotives, years passed with little new development from General Motors. In the meantime, General Electric forged ahead with engineering developments and a line of six-wheel truck locomotives that sold well.

To regain market share, GM introduced its new 710 series engine in 1984, with many new features, such as fuel economy and power, and the use of a new microcomputer and "L" Logic system, which controls engine speed, locomotive direction, power or dynamic brake mode, traction motor and generator switching.

With all the new design changes, the 60 series models were as revolutionary as the introduction of the Dash-2 models in 1972. The locomotive is powered by the new 710-G V-16 engine rated at 3,800 horsepower. Six blue and white demonstrator units were first built to tour the railroads. The wide cab, or "M" version was offered as a safety cab option in 1988. The Union Pacific was the first to order M cabs and other roads soon followed. Railroads ended up purchasing 1,146 SD-60 locomotives.