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EMD F-40 diesel locomotives

Please call (708) 366-7763 to order your American Models EMD F-40s and with questions about sound options and to specify scale or hi-rail.

EMD F-40 Pase II

Amtrak Phase II

Phase III

Amtrak Phase III



Built for commuter and longer passenger service, this is now the prime mover for Amtrak's Superliner service. Rated at 3,000 hp, more than 350 were built from 1976 to 1988 for Amtrak and various commuter lines in the U.S. and Canada.

F-40 PH locomotive features:

  • Finely cut body and details, operating headlight.
  • Die cast frame, steel wheels operating couplers and a three position electronic reverse unit with all AC hi-rail versions.
  • Efficient flywheel drive system.
  • Model is shipped completely assembled, tested and ready to run.