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EMD E-8 diesel locomotives
Please note: Due to problems with the supply from China, only two roadnames are available at this time. Check back often as more roadnames will be available soon.

Missouri Pacific EMD E8 diesel
Missouri Pacific

EMD E-8 Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific


The final standardized passenger locomotives made by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) were the E-8 and E-9 engines, virtually identical in appearance. Improvement over the earlier E models included larger number boards flush fitted into the nose, four widely spaced porthole windows and painted or stainless steel "Far-air" filter grills. Powered by two V-12 engines in each unit, rated at 2,250 hp. Combining high horsepower with large fuel and water capacity - made possible by using six-wheel trucks - resulted in the E units reputation as the longest in service passenger locomotives, with many still running today. Built from 1949 to 1953; the E-9s were built till the end of 1963. More than 400 E-8 engines were produced.

All versions include:

  • All new drive system with sprung "Gription┬«" wheel-sets, greater traction and electrical conduction.
  • All versions include a larger 5-pole motor with large flywheel and heavy die cast frame.
  • All AC flyer versions include a tw
    speaker sound system, horn, bell and real E-8 V-12 sounds.
  • All versions include fine DX features such as wire grabirons, windshield wipers and lift rings.
  • All versions include a pilot streamliner cover and operating couplers.
  • All versions include eight free turning fans and see-though fan grills.
  • All versions include "bright" LED directional headlight.
  • Runs on original 20" radius American Flyer track.
  • Our new "Flex Coil" power trucks provide power to all wheels and allows the wheels to conform independently to the track surface, just like the real thing. This greatly enhances tracking, electrical pick-up, and traction. (Also used on our SD-60 engines).

Note: All AA dual units are powered and lead unit only has sound if ordered.