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Alco FA-FB units

Canadian Pacific Alco

Canadian Pacific Alco FA-2 unit

Great Northern Alco F-2

Great Northern Alco FA-2 unit

New Haven F2

New Haven Alco FA-2 unit

New York Central F-2

New York Central Alco FA-2 unit

Penny F-2

PRR Alco FA-2 unit

Union Pacific F2

Union Pacific Alco FA-2 unit

Undecorated F unit



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These FA/FB diesel units were used for heavy freight hauling, although they also pulled some passenger trains. Railroads often “lashed them up” with other diesel units to pull a train.

FA-2 locomotive features:

  • One of the most accurate nose contours ever made in this model, extra pains were taken to ensure accuracy.
  • Finely cut fans, louvers and other details.
  • Heavy die-cast frame with headlight assembly.
  • Steel wheels, operating coupler and a three position electronic reverse unit on all AC hi-rail versions.
  • Most realistic sound system made (with two speakers AC only).
  • Gription® traction wheels standard.
  • New, closer mounted rear coupler for prototype appearance and tight radius track.
  • A flywheel drive system with the highest efficiency rating ever tested by the National Model Railroad Association.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Newly designed two and three unit box with polyfoams.

Most are available in two different numbers. Hi-rail versions come with steel wheels. The AC powered units come with an electronic three-position reverse unit.

Prices for AC models:
A-B Set (B w/sound) - $399.95
A-B Set (B powered) - $399.95
A-B-A Set (B w/sound) - $539.95
A unit - $269.95

Prices for DC models:
A-B Set (B w/sound) - $374.95
A-B Set (B powered) - $374.95
A-B-A Set (B w/sound) - $514.95
A unit - $269.95