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1930s USRA 46-ft. Flat Cars from American Models - $47.95

Flat car with Patton M-46 Tank - $56.95.
(When ordering, add tank to your car number. Ex. 6001-tank)

Flat car with 5th wheel: $52.95
Also available undecorated.

Baltimore & Ohio flat car

Baltimore & Ohio

Burlington flat car


Burlington flat car

Burlington Northern

BM flat car


C&O flat car

Chesapeake & Ohio

flat car


Conrail flat car


Chicago & NW flat car

Chicago & NorthWestern

Canadian Pacific flat car

Canadian Pacific

D&RGW flat car


Frisco flat car


Great Northern

Great Northern

Illinois Central

Illinois Central

Milwaukee Road flat car

Milwaukee Road

Missouri Pacific flat car

Missouri Pacific

MKT flat car


New Haven flat car

New Haven

New York Central Flat car

New York Central

Norfolk & Western

Norfolk & Western

Northern Pacific

Northern Pacific

Pennsylvania flat car


Rock Island

Rock Island

Santa Fe Flat car

Santa Fe

Southern flat car


Southern Pacific flat car

Southern Pacific

Texas & Pacific flat car

Texas & Pacific

Union Pacific flat car

Union Pacific



Featuring: Real spruce planking, individually cut and stained - about 70 per car. Diecast underframe with complete underbody details. Precision brass wheelsets. Heavy duty sprung trucks for heavier loads. Operating AC Flyer couplers or scale couplers included.

Completely assembled and ready to run, packed in polyfoam with colorful window box.

Note: Flat cars are available in 3 or 4 number variations. Tanks also available separately.

Call us at (708) 366-1973 to order; specify scale or hi-rail.