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Arsenault circus train

40' Box Cars from American Models - Scale or hi-rail: $46.95

American Models' ACY 40-ft. boc car

Akron, Canton & Youngstown

Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe

Baltimore & Ohio box car

B&O Timesaver

Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel box car

B&O Sentinel

Chicago & NorthWestern box car

Chicago & NorthWestern

Canadian Pacific 40 ft. box car

Canadian Pacific

Conrail 40 ft. box car


D&RGW 40 ft. box car


Erie Lackawanna 40 ft. box car

Erie Lackawanna

G M & O 40 ft. box car


Minneapolis & St. Louis 40 ft. box car


MKT 40 ft. box car


Missouri Pacific 40 ft. box car

Missouri Pacific

New Haven 40 ft. box car

New Haven

New York Central

New York Central

Norfolk & Western

Norfolk & Western

Pennsylvania Railroad 40 ft. box car


Pennsy Merchandise Service 40 ft. box car

Pennsylvania Merchandise Service

Rock Island

Rock Island

Seaboard Robert E. Lee 40 ft. box car


Soo Line 40 ft. box car

Soo Line

Southern 40 ft. boc car


Southern Pacific 40 ft. box car

Southern Pacific

SSW "Blue Streak" 40 ft. box car

St. Louis Southwestern "Blue Streak"

Union Pacific 40 ft. box car

Union Pacific

Virginian 40 ft. box car


Wabash 40 ft. box car


Also available: undecorated



The American Association of Railroads' 1945 plan called for millions of box cars to be produced by different manufacturers up until the early 1960's. The 40-foot box car is by far the most common rail car ever produced. Many are still in service today, but are starting to be replaced by the larger, newer box cars.

We find our detail contours of the roof, ends and side panels to be the most accurate made of this model in any scale. We may not have all these in the Deluxe configuration. Also note that these box cars are available in two to four number variations.