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Arsenault circus train

Two-Bay Offset Hopper Cars from American Models - $39.95

offset hopper

Atlantic Coast Line

ATSF hopper

ATSF (Santa Fe)

green offset hopper

Baltimore & Ohio

offset hopper

CNJ - Jersey Central

Canadian Pacific offset hopper

Canadian Pacific

CNW Hopper

Chicago NorthWestern

offset hopper


Delaware & Hudson
(Photo not available)

Frisco hopper


Great Northern hopper

Great Northern

offset hopper

Gulf Mobile & Ohio

Illinois Central

Illinois Central - sorry, out of stock

Two sides hopper

L&N - "Dixie Line"

blue hopper


Milwaukee Road 2-bay hopper

Milwaukee Road

offest hopper

Missouri Pacific

Mono hopper


New York Central

New York Central

Nickel Plate Hopper

Nickel Plate

Northern Pacific

Northern Pacific


Reading offset hopper


Blue Coal

Reading Anthracite

Rock Island

Rock Island

Southern offset hopper


bronze offset hopper

Texas & Pacific

offset hopper

Union Pacific




Cars are available in several number variations; call us at (708) 366-1973 to order. Choose scale or hi-rail, $39.95 each.