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American Flyer Legacy Remote Control System


14295 Legacy One Remote

14295 Legacy One Remote Control System
Price: $399.99

The #990 LEGACY Command Set features a #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller and a #992 LEGACY Command Base/Charger, the two components you need to get started. Only one LEGACY Command Base/Charger is required per layout. Like traditional TMCC, the LEGACY Command Base/Charger receives information from the Remote Controller and sends it out to the track via a simple one-wire connection. But that’s not all. The LEGACY Command Base/Charger remembers information about your layout, enabling the CAB-2 Remote Controller to display road names and numbers on the LCD screen.

* #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller
* #992 LEGACY Command Base/Charger

* CAB-2 Remote Controller Features:
* Back-lit LCD screen - the largest on the market
* Back-lit LCD keypad displays numbers or icons for ease of use
* Built-in rechargeable batteries
* Feedback mode - the remote vibrates to reinforce the effort and momentum of your locomotive
* Accepts memory modules from each LEGACY Control System locomotive

* Only one LEGACY Command Base/Charger required per layout
* Simple one-wire connection to your layout
* Built-in dock for recharging CAB-2 Remote Controller
* Stores operating information and settings for your layout

14294 #993 Legacy Expansion Set
Price: $289.99

SET INCLUDES: * #991 LEGACY CAB-2 Remote Controller * #994 LEGACY Charger Base CHARGER BASE FEATURES: * Built-in dock for recharging additional CAB-2 Remote Controllers * Add as many as you like to charge remotes simultaneously