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American Flyer Catalogs for sale!

American Flyer Catalog 2012
24 page, all color American Flyer catalog. The first AF catalog since The A.C. Gilbert Company days.
11 x 8-3/8" $3.00 plus shipping

American Flyer Catalog 2018-19
Latest Lionel/American Flyer catalog. $5.00 plus shipping

We have dozens and dozens of mint Lionel catalogs for sale from 1987 to the present. Many have AF included. Annual catalogs, $3 each; supplemental catalogs, $2 each, plus shipping.

Lionel Collectors Series-1983
Lionel Large Scale Trains and Accessories -1988
Lionel Pre-Toy Fair Edition-1989
Lionel Toy Fair Edition-1989
Lionel Volume 1-1990
Lionel Volume 2-1990
Stocking Stuffers-1990
Lionel Volume 2-1991
Stocking Stuffer-1991
Lionel Volume 1-1992
Lionel Volume 2-1992
Stocking Stuffers-1992
Lionel Volume 2-1993
1993 Stocking Stuffers/1994 Spring Releases
Lionel Volume 1-1993
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends-1994
Lionel Train Master-1994
Lionel Electric Trains and Accessories-1995
1995 Stocking Stuffers /1996 Spring Releases
Lionel Corporation-1996 (10’ x 8’)
Lionel Accessories-1996
Lionel Train Sets-1996 (pamphlet)
AF Catalogs - 2012-2016, $3 each

Order by calling (708) 366-7763 or faxing: (708) 366-1973; or e-mail info@sceneryunlimited.net.

Illinois residents add 10% sales tax.




2017 AF  catalog cover

2016 AF catalog

2015 AF catalog

2014 AF catalog

2013 AF catalog