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The Polar Express
American Flyer ready-to-run set

49632 Polar Express Set

Still Available - 44039 Polar Express Set
Price: $449.99
Set includes: 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive and Tender, Coach, Abandoned Toy Car, Observation Car, the Polar Express Bell, three AF FasTrack 10" straight sections, 12 AF FasTrack curve sections, one AF FasTrack terminal section, 54W 18VDC wall pack power supply, FlyerChief remote control.

New Polar Express items for 2018!


Polar Express Tank

1919161 Polar Express Tank Car #122518 $60.99

44134 Polar Express Aquarium car

44134 Polar Express Aquarium Car - $91.99

44130 Polar Express Baggage car

44130 Polar Express Baggage Car - $79.99

44131 Abandoned Toy car

44131 Abandoned Toy Car - $79.99

44132 Polar Express Add-on Coach

44132 Polar Express add-on Coach - $79.99

Still available:

49972 Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car

49972 Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car
Price: $69.99

Polar Express Baggage Car

49973 Polar Express Baggage Car
Price: $69.99

49951 Polar Express Wood sided reefer
49951 Polar Express Wood-Sided Reefer
Price: $69.99

48018 Polar Express add-on Passenger coach

48018 Polar Express add-on Passenger Coach
Price: $69.99

49078 Polar Express Handcar

49078 Elf Hand Car
Price: $97.99

48006 Polar Express Billboards

48006 Polar Express Billboard Pack $12.99




Locomotive Features:

  • User-selected operation modes: Conventional AC transformer mode or FlyerChief™ wireless remote control with AC or DC power and included remote or downloadable app
  • AF Speed Control – retain a steady constant speed whether traveling on inclines, declines, or flat terrain
  • On/Off switches for sound, smoke, and transformer/remote operation mode
  • Locomotive with forward, neutral, and reverse operation
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body, tender and frame
  • Die-cast metal trucks
  • RailSounds® RC sound system with steam chuffing while in motion
  • Realistic background sounds, whistle and bell all triggered by remote
  • Operating headlight
  • Directional LED on tender (rear light)
  • Operating coupler on rear of tender
  • Fan-driven smoke unit
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Two traction tires for added grip
  • Large “Polar” pilot and headlight lens shield
  • Also controllable with Universal Remote (6-83071, sold separately)

Passenger Car Features:

  • Interior illumination
  • Operating couplers on front and rear
  • Dual rail collector and flicker-free lighting
  • Decorated drumhead and rounded viewing platform on observation car
  • Silhouettes in windows
  • Underbody detail
  • Simulated snow on roof

FlyerChief Remote Features:

  • Forward and reverse speed control knob
  • Three buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special announcements
  • Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

Set Features:

  • Length: Approx. 50"
  • Minimum cruve: S-36