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2015 American Flyer Operating Cars and Rolling Stock
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Boom Car

48880 American Flyer Commemorative Work Caboose
Price: $62.99


New Haven gondola

48879 New Haven Flat Car with Pipe Load
Price: $62.99

Reading hopper car

48876 Reading Two-Bay Open Hopper
Price: $56.99


Union Starch tank car

48843 Union Starch Tank Car
Price: $56.99

48877 US Army missile launcher car

48877 U.S. Army Missile Launcher Flat Car
Price: $66.99


U.S. Army flat car with rockets

48878 U.S. Army Flat Car with Two Rockets
Price; $56.99

US Army Operating box car

U.S. Army Unloading Operating Box Car
Price: $76.99





Set of 6 Telephone Poles

Set of 6 Standard Telephone Poles
Price: $28.99