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We still have these books available:


The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, America's First and Finest Railroad

By Don Heimburger

This 8-1/2 x 11", softcover book packs in 802 photos (84 in color) of America's first common carrier railroad,famous for its many firsts in railroading history! Ten detailed-filled chapters highlight B&O's steam, diesel and electric locomotives, famous passenger trains, freight trains and rolling stock, B&O stations, plans and drawings. Also included is info on the B&O Chicago Terminal Railroad and the connecting Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad.
Price: $43.95 softbound


American Flyer Instruction Book

The original instruction book published in 1952 by The A.C. Gilbert Company. This softbound, 5-1/4 x 8-1/2" book contains 64 pages of advice and helpful hints on planning and operating an American Flyer model railroad.
Price: $7.95

AF book

A.C. Gilbert's Heritage

Edited by Don Heimburger

A limited edition reprint of the popular book A.C. Gilbert’s Heritage, first published 33 years ago, edited by Don Heimburger. This 164-page 8-½" x 11" softcover book features a collection of informative American Flyer articles and photos.
Price: $34.95

To place a book order for any of these titles, send a check or money order (only) payable to
Don Heimburger at 310 Lathrop Ave., River Forest IL 60305. Please add $6.50 postage in the
U.S. for shipping (or $12 for foreign orders), or $2.50 for the American Flyer instruction book.
Add $2.50 postage for each additional book ordered. All checks must be in U.S. currency.
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